Saturday, 31 May 2008

Alt Awesomeness

i Just finished what could quite possibly the best SM Lib runs ever, i entered the dungeon after finishing with a SM GY run with the same group:

Me Warlock 31
Kindabad Warlock 30
Shadow Druid 28
Enrage Shaman 29
Din Priest 33 (Later replaced by Hanesamme Shaman 30)

The whole group was barely leveld enouth to enter SM Lib never mind finish it, but due to sheer awesomeness of me and everyone else we ended up downing Doan.
Several of us gained levels though out the run, the druid tank got lockeys staff, i got doans robe and Kin got his staff, this run was so awesome that if i ever run with these people agian i will be very happy about it.

Of course the run wasent without it's problems, a bad pull before Doan got us killed quickly because of sheer number of enemies.
But the biggest problem thoughout the run was actually me, whenever i DoTed the enemy without giving the tank a few seconds headstart i always pulled aggro.
i was the groups aggro whore thoughout most of the run, of course it was very amusing watching me kite doan round the room because of excessive aggro, i appologise to the people that healed me thoughout the doan fight.
I got him down to 20% before dying, then the other lock picked up aggro, he went down fast after that. Awesome run, ^^.

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