Monday, 24 November 2008

A Months Worth of Posts

I've been very busy this month and have been putting off writing a blog post because of several differant things.

1, Wrath of the Lich King
2, My Wireless Keyboard Sucks
3, if i put it off a few more days i could make it a full month before updating :p

Currently i'm writting this post using my new keyboard which is wired (thank god), theres nothing more annoying then a keyboard that decides it's going to become unresponseive at the worst possible moment especial when you play a healing class.
Needless to say the frustration of having an unresponseive keyboard whilst mid-quest with yet another alliance ganker became too much for me and i broke my key board be whacking it agianst the wall realy hard multiple times (i don't normally do this, honest :p).

Well with that out of the way (long post ahead) i can get started with my lich king review.
Northrend is an awesome place to level in and have had no problems ripping through the content (koushirou is currently 78), my overall goal seems to be doing as many quests in the zone as possible before moving on eventually this will lead to the Loremaster of Northrend Achievement and i'll be level 80 before i even set foot in storm peaks or icecrown.

Every Zone has at least one quest chain which can be described as Epically Awesome, although the 2 starting zones don't perticularly have the best impressions they do have quite a few peaks of whats to come.
I've met the lich king at least once in every zone usually he appears before me to empower or take away an extremely strong future adversary (sort of a "hi, your the hero - see this guy, well he's going to kill you in an extremely horrible way - have fun ^^).

My best experiance in Wrath so far has got to be the wrath gate quest chain, in dragonblight there is a long quest chain which leads to the alliance and the horde commencing a double attack on the wrath gate leading to icecrown.
#spoilers# a small faction of the forsaken lead by the dreadlord in UC attacks the lich king with a new plague designed to destroy the undead aswell as the living, they do this during the attack killing both alliance and horde members aswell as (presumably) weakening the lich king.
This leads to an Epic Raid on the Undercity led by Thrall and Sylvanas which is realy awesome (just don't go too far away from them or elites will own you).

Another good quest for me has been riding the king of the storm giants to lay waste to the undead, this is in zul'drak (the troll zone) and is realy quite nice to play through.
I've tried to run every instance avaliable up to now which is becomeing increaseingly more difficult as i'm starting to outlevel my zones.

I have made a lot of progress with my healing skills by running almost all 5-mans so far as a healer (even though i'm in shadow spec), when the Dual-Spec feature has been added i'll be quite competant in both my roles as a healer and as DPS.
My biggest problem at 80 will be finding Hit rating as most of my skills benefit from Spirit and Crit i can gear myself as if i was the healer and still provide great DPS.

I like messing around with my class a lot and have found that the shadow priest now plays almost like a warlock (albeit with no pet and more defensive options) which is quite interesting, i like dotting several opponents at once then throwing Dispersion up while the DoTs tick away.
I even managed to use Mind Sear to take out several opponents at once although thats was too much trouble to use reliably.

Mind Sear is a brilliant AoE spell it ticks very fast for a fair amount of damage and costs very little mana to use (compared to normal AoE spells anyway), There is one small flaw in the spell it dosent damage your current target only the ones around it.
This could be a useful flaw in specialised fights for example if blizzard make a fight where theres a large number of adds but one of them needs to be kept alive for some reason or another mind sear could be used there perfectly.

I'm also finding that we can now make specialised AoE teams for instances, teaming up a shadow Priest and a unholy Death Knight is evil.
Pick a target Dump diseases on it (Devouring Plague and all DK Diseases) Pestilance, Blood Boil and Mind Sear, I can see quite a few arena teams using a strategy similar to this in the near future as it is incredibly difficult to defend against.
I could also expand upon this by adding a warlock into the mix to throw in Seed of Corruption as well as curses and Fears.
I should start a 3v3 Team with this set up, we can call ourselfs the Axis of Evil, Mwuahahaha.

I've been staying away from Nanoha as i concentrate on getting Koushirou to 80 but might get back to her an a later date.