Thursday, 9 October 2008

Wotlk Thoughts

It's been a long time since my last post, i actually stopped blogging when one of my friends also stopped but now i'm bored so i'll try my hand at blogging again.

I've been following the Wotlk beta news for awhile now as i try and decide whether i should stick to playing my priest or else re-roll to a differant class, i started some new classes to mess around with which ironically are both classes i claimed to be unable to play well.

The priest seems to be doing OK with all the changes and messing around to the overall class structure, interestingly with the changes to spell power you can now gear a shadow priest as if it was a healer and get some nice results, which would turn out to be excellant news if they impliment the "Dual Talent Specs" that they are rumored to be working on.

The changes to shadow priest DPS makes it so we are a lot more powerful then before and should new be doing the competitive damage along with the rest of the hybrid classes, although i'm rather annoyed by the changes to Vampiric Touch.

I actually like the changes made with the replenishment buff as it releases the limiter placed on the shadow priest but i don't like how 2 other classes now have the ability to use the replenishment buff, i guess it's just me being angry at losing the niche catagory that i've always occupied.

Giving replenishment to survival hunters dosent bother me too much as you don't see too many survival specced hunters outside of battle grounds or arenas (not sure whether that will change in wotlk or not), but since ret paladins have been speculated to be slightly OP in the next patch then most people will probably take them along to raids and dungeons instead of shadow priests.

Overall though i'm quite please with all the buffs we've been getting and hope that by level 80 i can be doing DPS compareable to the rest of my raid group.