Friday, 16 May 2008

Mild Happy-go-lucky

I had a very enjoyable karazhan run today, a little success is something i needed a lot because i was getting depressed with multiple failures when it came to pugging.

It was a very rough run, we had 3 wipes on attumen to start with, 3 wipes on maide and made it all the way to prince albeit that we dident kill him.
The biggest issue that we had during the runs was that the tank kept dying faster then he should have been, i'm not sure whether this was the tanks fault or the healers but the tank dying was the reason for almost all of the wipes.

Although i had a lot of success in running kara i also had a mjor problem in that no caster loot was dropping, everything was healer or tank loot, it was getting quite annoying.
Well even without any good caster loot dropping i still managed to get an upgrade by buying the witch doctors stick with the badges of justice that i got from the run.

All in all a very good day, i just need a few more pieces of good loot and half my gear will be epic ^^.

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