Friday, 28 March 2008

The curtain calling

Tommorow i will get my new Desktop PC, it's going to be very powerful compared to the laptop i'm currently using for pretty much everything, but i'm feeling a little sadness inside.

I've been with my laptop for 4 years now and i've enjoyed every minute of it even though it was slightly slow and wasent designed for playing games i still had a lot of fun.
So i'm now feeling sad that i will have to see it go, maybe someday i will get it out for a few hours and relish in the nostalga of many years gone by but until then i will be saying goodbye to my freind.

Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Progress and Regress

After making the list in the previous post i'm hapy to announce that obtaining my flying mount wil be easier then i thought, my initial idea of training cost had me set to grind 2000 Gold.
It turns out that i had overestimated and it'll only take me 700 Gold to obain my flying mount (i bought the Epic mount training already).

I've also come across a perticular problem with my internet in the form of constantly being disconected from WoW on a regular baisis.
It's reached the stage where i am almost completely Feral about it as my last run of the Shadow Labarinth had me miss looting 2 bosses because i DC'd shortly before they where killed.
Luckily for me nothing droped that was of any use to me, although it is still annoying.

Hopefully some of these problems will be sloved when i get my new PC, this will also come with the added benefit of being able to get me through the shattah at more then 0.4 fps.

Monday, 24 March 2008

On farming and such

Well haveing reached 70 on my Priest around about 2 days ago i've now been thrown into end game content, currently i can only realy run normal instances as apparantly my gear is not imba enouth for heroic, this is partly to do with me tryng to get healing gear whle keeping my shadow spec for grinding.

well either way my to do list looks something like this:

Obtain primal mooncloth set (geting the belt on wensday)
attune myself for karazhan (i don't give a damn about 2.4 i still want kara attunement)
Obain Flying mount (i took enchanting)
Obtain Epic Mount (This is how much enchanting sets you back)

As you can see its not an incredibly hard list but it will still take some time to finish, luckily i can work towards my flying mount while grinding mats. ^^

Saturday, 22 March 2008

First Post

Yay my first blog post.

Although i may be negligant in my posting, i will try and blog as frequantly as possible in whatever subject is on my mind at the time.

My main subjects will be WoW, Anime and Whatever else comes to mind.