Friday, 2 May 2008

Stop harasing my orphan

My guild had another attmept at makeing a kara run, this run was seriousley hectic.
I've learned something new about our guild, not also are we undergeared but some of our players need to learn to play (seriousley).

We managed to down attumen again (i'm under the conclusion that he was never a problem for anyone), however he did'nt go down as fast this week as he did last week.
During the fight i actually found myself haveing to dig out my wand for DPS (it's been gone from my actionbar since i made my shackle macro) because my mana had ran out and this was after i had used shadow fiend.
now the idea of a Shadow priest whose job it is to make sure the people in his party don't run OOM running out of mana is completely ludicrous, i checked with one of the rogues in the party as i don't have a damage meter and apparantly i was 3rd highest on the meter.
This kind of rating might make it seem nice but the problem was that the mages were ranked lower then me.
everyones equipment is mostly blues and i was actually doing more DPS than the mages, a class that is designed almost solely for DPS.
the rogues of our guild are easily doing more damage than me but the mages actively struggle to even match my DPS output.
and to make matters worse i only did my damage on attumen and the mobs leading up to him, during the ballroom area where the whole damage system is basically the tank pulls the mages do AoE, i only actually bubbled the mages and did little to no DPS otherwise.
This is one of the many problems our guild needs to sort out before we'll be able to pass the curator, i've never actually heard of guild desperately needed DPS, most guilds need healers and tanks but no our guild needs DPS (we need healers too but the DPS is the probelm area now).
If any of my guilds mages are reading this then improvement needs to be made ( i apologise to the few that are good at there class, if any).

in case people are wondering about the title it was becasue during the kara run i brought my orphan along for good luck (it's childrens week) and had to say it to Gad, Turn and Death as they were seriousley harasing my orphan, if it were real i would have killed them perverts.


Nibuca said...

If you ran out of mana there's a good chance they ran out of mana. That said, they should have done more damage than you -before- they ran out of mana.

You can check wowarmory.. but make sure they're capped on spell hit rating. I know without any talents it's 202.. but I'm not sure what talents mages have to decrease that.

If they're not spell hit capped then they're missing a significant portion of their damage.

Dunno beyond that.


Gold Guide for World of Warcraft said...

good post :)