Saturday, 31 May 2008

Alt Awesomeness

i Just finished what could quite possibly the best SM Lib runs ever, i entered the dungeon after finishing with a SM GY run with the same group:

Me Warlock 31
Kindabad Warlock 30
Shadow Druid 28
Enrage Shaman 29
Din Priest 33 (Later replaced by Hanesamme Shaman 30)

The whole group was barely leveld enouth to enter SM Lib never mind finish it, but due to sheer awesomeness of me and everyone else we ended up downing Doan.
Several of us gained levels though out the run, the druid tank got lockeys staff, i got doans robe and Kin got his staff, this run was so awesome that if i ever run with these people agian i will be very happy about it.

Of course the run wasent without it's problems, a bad pull before Doan got us killed quickly because of sheer number of enemies.
But the biggest problem thoughout the run was actually me, whenever i DoTed the enemy without giving the tank a few seconds headstart i always pulled aggro.
i was the groups aggro whore thoughout most of the run, of course it was very amusing watching me kite doan round the room because of excessive aggro, i appologise to the people that healed me thoughout the doan fight.
I got him down to 20% before dying, then the other lock picked up aggro, he went down fast after that. Awesome run, ^^.

Saturday, 24 May 2008

Chain Fear Syndrome

Been awhile since i last posted but oh well, good news everyone i finally obtained my Eight of Blessings, this is a glorious day for me as i'll finally have a good DPS trinket.
All i ned now is timbals focusing crystal and my trinkets will be made of Win.

In other news i have been playing my warlock alt a bit more recently andi think it's reflecting on my mains playing style, while i did my daily quests today i found myself Dot Dot Fearing mobs to death, in a word Fun :D

Of course i've noticed the same problem with my paladin tank, i'd always let a mob run off and pull the next group for fun, the only way to get through BFD faster is with a 70.
I find it amusing and fun, when Fear is done right it looks awesome, but when it's done wrong oh boy is it done wrong.

I tried leveling a mage alt but i rememberd why i dident like them much, they have no defense especaily at low levels, if i accidently pull 2 mobs i'm in for a lot of trouble unlike my priest, paladin and warlock which can handle multiple mobs easily.
So my mage alt was short lived, oh well back to the warlock on my never ending grind to have a second charecter at 70 ^^.

Friday, 16 May 2008

Mild Happy-go-lucky

I had a very enjoyable karazhan run today, a little success is something i needed a lot because i was getting depressed with multiple failures when it came to pugging.

It was a very rough run, we had 3 wipes on attumen to start with, 3 wipes on maide and made it all the way to prince albeit that we dident kill him.
The biggest issue that we had during the runs was that the tank kept dying faster then he should have been, i'm not sure whether this was the tanks fault or the healers but the tank dying was the reason for almost all of the wipes.

Although i had a lot of success in running kara i also had a mjor problem in that no caster loot was dropping, everything was healer or tank loot, it was getting quite annoying.
Well even without any good caster loot dropping i still managed to get an upgrade by buying the witch doctors stick with the badges of justice that i got from the run.

All in all a very good day, i just need a few more pieces of good loot and half my gear will be epic ^^.

Wednesday, 14 May 2008

The Shits hit the Fan

I'm relatively pissed right now as i was off my priest for 2 days while i played an alt and when i come back my guild disbands.
this annoys me greatly as the reason i was trying to gear so hard was becuase of my guild and now their gone.

Although this could also be good news, this may be a chance to jion a differant guild and finally advance further than karazhan.
The biggest issue with this is that i'm not geared enouth to jion a kara guild as most guilds running kara don't let you in unless your seriousley overgeared for it.
I was considering changeing my tailoring skill to Shadoweave and making the full set there, this will take sometime to make but will push me from slightly undergeared for kara to very overgeared.

Well either way i still need to find better gear from various sources, i've been advised to start running heroics.
Some of the things i'm looking to obtain include the epic gloves off of Kael in MGT and the eight of blessings.

Of course since i'm now leveling a new alt on a differant server in order to play with a friend this will probably not happen for a long time, my new alts called Haneko and she's a undead warlock on Eonar, i'm haveing a lot of fun especialy on the scarlet crusade where i can chain pull them until i run out of mana.
My basic thought line when playing her is "i'm sorry i can't hear you over the sound of how awesome i am" still leveling a undead charecter is surprisingly hard, most of the gear i get from missions is white and has no real stats on it meaning i need to make sure that my playing style is more professional.
A perticularly bad pull can result in a very quick death, especially if i accidently chain pull a son of arugal while leveling.

Well wish my warlock some luck, i intend to have her at 70 before WotLK ^^.

Friday, 9 May 2008

Small Advancements

I Finaly managed to run part of the botanica, the second part to be exact which mean i'll have to run it agian at some point for the item that i need off the first boss.
This small progress makes me very happy as the last time i completed an instance was over a week ago, so a small boost of morale goes a long way.

On another point all together my enchanting finally reached 375 (technically 376 but no one cares about the 10 bonus points that i get for being a blood elf).

Sunday, 4 May 2008

A small tanking experiance

I've spent a bit of time recently leveling up a new alt and had my first experiance tanking an instance in SFK.

Since this is a secret alt i will not be saying the name or class however i have thoughroughly enjoyed my experiance tanking, this opened up a new perspective on wow aswell.
I can now say how annoying it is to have some of the DPS pull the next group while others are drinking mana, although i found it quite easy to snatch aggro back off them (i read up on how to tank with my class before hand) it still bugs me greatly.
luckily for me i managed to grab the butchers slicer and the commanders shield which improved effiecently greatly thoughout the run, i was hoping that the rare mob would be there so i could grab the phantom armour which would have made half my equipment blues and wiould have lasted me for quite awhile.
overall there were few probelms during the run which made me quite pleased although i could definately have improved, i'll be attempting to run BFD next as i have missions there.

i'm intending to be full prot spec and level through instances, this may be hard and time consuming but should allow me to know what i'm doing when i finally hit 70.
i'm actually leveling this alt to OT for my guild, i will annonce this charecter on my blog and introduce her to my guild when she has hit 70, more posts like this may happen in the future enjoy :D.

Friday, 2 May 2008

Macro Mania

one of my most recent ways to waste time on wow is to make macros, i even posted about it in my guilds forums, macros can be very fun to use especialy if your good at it.
Since i'm a lazy bugger i'm going to copy paste my forum post to here, these are the macros that i made just after starting kara and will probably use for awhile:

Shackleing Focus macro:
#showtooltip Shackle Undead
/clearfocus [modifier:alt][target=focus,dead][target=focus,help][target=focus,noexists]
/focus [target=focus,noexists]
/cast [target=focus]Shackle Undead
/raid Shackling %f

This macro allows me to recast Shackle Undead on a target without losing my selected target.

Hurt and heal macros:

/cast [help] Greater Heal
/cast [harm] Vampiric Embrace

This macro is a brilliant space saver as it allows you to put your healing and damage spells on the same button.

Modifier macro:
This macro has a lot of specific use's which make it ideal for saveing space or adding utility to an attack for example:

/use [modifier:alt] 13
/use [modifier:alt] 14
/cast mind flay

This macro allows me to use mindflay like normal but if i hold alt down i will use both my trinkets just before hand.

Enjoy the macros, i might make another post similar to this sometime in the future ^^

Stop harasing my orphan

My guild had another attmept at makeing a kara run, this run was seriousley hectic.
I've learned something new about our guild, not also are we undergeared but some of our players need to learn to play (seriousley).

We managed to down attumen again (i'm under the conclusion that he was never a problem for anyone), however he did'nt go down as fast this week as he did last week.
During the fight i actually found myself haveing to dig out my wand for DPS (it's been gone from my actionbar since i made my shackle macro) because my mana had ran out and this was after i had used shadow fiend.
now the idea of a Shadow priest whose job it is to make sure the people in his party don't run OOM running out of mana is completely ludicrous, i checked with one of the rogues in the party as i don't have a damage meter and apparantly i was 3rd highest on the meter.
This kind of rating might make it seem nice but the problem was that the mages were ranked lower then me.
everyones equipment is mostly blues and i was actually doing more DPS than the mages, a class that is designed almost solely for DPS.
the rogues of our guild are easily doing more damage than me but the mages actively struggle to even match my DPS output.
and to make matters worse i only did my damage on attumen and the mobs leading up to him, during the ballroom area where the whole damage system is basically the tank pulls the mages do AoE, i only actually bubbled the mages and did little to no DPS otherwise.
This is one of the many problems our guild needs to sort out before we'll be able to pass the curator, i've never actually heard of guild desperately needed DPS, most guilds need healers and tanks but no our guild needs DPS (we need healers too but the DPS is the probelm area now).
If any of my guilds mages are reading this then improvement needs to be made ( i apologise to the few that are good at there class, if any).

in case people are wondering about the title it was becasue during the kara run i brought my orphan along for good luck (it's childrens week) and had to say it to Gad, Turn and Death as they were seriousley harasing my orphan, if it were real i would have killed them perverts.