Wednesday, 28 April 2010

I Play on Rotaion

Now that i've got a few 80s it's becoming a habbit to play them all in a rotation so that I can gear them all up equaly.
This is causeing me a bit of annoyance as without focusing on one charecter I'm not getting a good enouth level of gear to enter places like ICC.
Of course the biggest issue here is mostly the elitist attitude on my server which makes it impossible to get into a PuG unless you've got the kingslayer title, I wish I was joking about that too but I'm realy not.
I'm even haveing problems getting into places like TotC-10 without haveing a Gearscore of 5.4k, It seems I may have to just transfer to a server with more mature players as it's rediculous trying to get into a PuG on my server.

My Mage is the best geared of my charecters at 5.2k but she can't run any PuGs because nobody needs mages for places like VoA and as i said before guilds / PuGs have higher standards on my server.

My Rogue is at 5k with the only heroic upgrade being from HoR (Yeah i'm not getting that sword), which again is too low for any PuGs and the guild i managed to get her in seems to have fallen though.

My Priest on the other hand is at 4.9k and is off the main server as she's running with Gevlons Undergeared Project but is probably my best bet to do any raiding whatsoever but even then I don't have the achievements to get into groups with her.

Well sorry for making a post about me complianing but it's getting realy frustrating not being able to do anything, maybe I'll have better luck when i gear my Priest up a bit more.

Monday, 26 April 2010

Conservative Healing

In an atempt to ease the transition into what i believe cataclysm healing will be like i decided to make another Priest alt so that i can practise precise healing in lowbie dungeons.
Trying to estimate how much a heal hits for and only casting it when it won't overheal is difficult as my main heal spell hits like a truck.

Currently i wait for a tank to fall under half health before casting as it would overheal otherwise, this creates a type of healing that seems to stress any tanks that don't trust me.
One of the paladins that i was healing with my efficent (albiet seat of your pants) style of healing kept starting a holy light cast around half a second before my heal hit.
It works better for druids and warriors as they tend to focus on their job and put blind faith into the healer of the group.

I'd encourage any healer to roll an alt of the same healing toon they currently play just to practise the difficult art of not overhealing as it's likely to be the differance between a good and great healer in cata.
It also helps with your mana pool a lot, in some cases i've managed to run an instance without my mana taking even a slight dip, where as in others i've had to cahin drink to get it done.

of course the worst thing for a healer in a low level dungeon is a warlock with a penchant for casting rain of fire and then life tapping his mana back, if i ever get into a dungeon where all 3 DPS are warlocks i think i'd probably break down and cry.

I've been haveing some thoughts to trying it in heroics at 80 but i don't think many tanks would appreciate it as most of them are annoyed at a healer who can't keep them at 100% health all the time, to paraphase ghost crawler "A healers job is to make sure everyones health dosent hit 0% not to keep everyone at 100%".

It's nice to play around with Ideas of a Greater Heal orientated Holy build, i might try it out for fun anyways ^^

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

First Blood

An interesting thing happend to me yesturday while i was unlocking the Ebon Blade quatermaster on my new 80 Rogue Vivio.
I'd just finished a few heroics and thought it would be a good idea to unlock the Ebon Blades Arcanum of Torment for when i get a head piece worthy to put it on.

While there i came across a Human Paladin (level 77) and decided to play it safe and fly to a good altitude as i was at 1/3 of my health bar, as is usual with most paladins this guy was an asshole and imediantly says what i assume was an insult to my rogue and then divine storms her while jumping off his mount.

I survive and he almost dies from the fall, i decide to fly off in a differant direction out of his range but still able to target him to stop off and eat, when at full health and fly back and stealth where he can't see me.

At this point i assume that he was taking down the oculus eye at the top of the black watch as his health is going down and he's still on his mount, so i wait in an alcove next to the quest giver and lie in wait.

It wasent long before he lands at half health next to the quest giver at starts chargeing up a Holy Light on himself, I quickly move in behind him and cheap shot, mutilate and he drops dead just before I kidney shot him.

Considering that the asshole was prohibiting me questing i found my vengence perticularly sweet, but as an added insult to this idiot I got the ahievement for my first honor kill right in front of him, to add salt to the wound I /hugged him and got the Make love not Warcraft achievement and because I was in the mind set of evil I tea-bagged his corpse several times before he released.

of course while thats all fine and good the paladin had higher health then me and i'm not good enouth with my rogue in PvP to get a win agianst him in fair combat, i grab a few scourge essences for my quest then restealth for what I expected to be a second round that I would lose.

I go back to the alcove and watch as he respawns on top of the quest giver and consecrates / Divine storm the area before he flys off to fight a few scourge on an upper level, he comes back down drops another consecrate while i'm contemplating my next move when to my surprise he suddenly decides to bubble hearth.

I found this rediculously amusing he even goes at yelling the same insult he used to introduce himself to me earlier, I finsihed the quests there to unlock the quatermaster in complete safety and without worry.

I honestly never thought that ganking someone could so easily instill fear into them, as i said in fair combat the paladin can long outlast my offensive capabilities with his heals and Dps me down without too many problems, but with just one very humiliating gank i knocked all sense of safety out of him.

Either way this is the story of Vivios first blood, i'd like to see other bloggers rogue or otherwise to regail is in stories of their first world PvP kill or even their most interesting PvP kill as this memory will provide endless amusment to me.