Friday, 12 February 2010

5 Point Barrier

The next expansion for WoW, cataclysm is now in the part where it's far away but yet close enouth to be talked about.
The incoming changes slated by blizzerd seem to be a huge change to the gaming dynamic which should help curbe burst damage and dull healing enouth to make PvP interesting as well as making it easier to switch roles especialy with regards to tanking in PvE.

The main point of interest to me is the addition of 5 more talent points where our talent trees remain relatively unchanged.
I'm looking forward to seeing what these extra talent point actually bring to the table as far as specing goes.

However there is obviousley going to be some classes that benefit from five extra talent points a lot more then others, for example i can use the extra points to tag abilities i wouldent normaly have on my arcane spec mage such as Prismatic Cloak and Magic Resistence, which is good because i'd normally have to give up 6 yards of arcane reach and Incanters Absorbtion to tag these skills.

My frost spec on the other hand is relatively tight and in all honesty i don't think i'll get much benefit from the extra points, after putting the final point in Endless Winter i'd have nowhere else to put them (although i guess i'll tag Magic Resistence and Frost Warding).

Then there are specs where the 5 extra talent points open up a door you never even knew was there, from what i can tell the reason why Sword spec is good for rogues but not warriors is because they have 2 swords that hit faster then the arms warriors one sword thus procing more often.
Blizz tried to fix this by increasing the proc chance, now imagine warriors could dual wield big 2 handed Swords (Titans Grip), add in a talent that could increase swing speed to be closer to the rogues (Flurry) and suddenly warriors could see a sharp increase in sword spec procs.
The only thing stopping them from using this spec right now is that they can't take titans grip and a specialisation at the same time, even if you trim down the Fury tree points you'll still only get 20 points to spend in arms.
However as some may have notcied by now in cata they'll have 25 points spare, just enouth to tag a specialisation, i can imagine haste being a strong stat for a fury warrior useing swords as it would proc this a lot.

This is the one i've noticed though short skimming but i'm sure theres other specs where 5 more points allows them to tag stuff they wouldent normally have, or revolutionise a spec that wouldent even be good as it is now.
Of course there will always be specs like frost mages where the 5 extra points is going to be hard to find a strong use for.

So what will you do with your 5 extra points?.