Sunday, 18 January 2009

Best EotS match ever

I've never seen the horde kick arse so good without a pre-made, all of them were earned in one match, i'd have got the 3 flags achevement but i was alternating runs with a drood.
Don't forget to read my other 2 posts today, i might not update in awhile ^^

For The Bear!... i mean Horde!

This event happend around a week or two ago on my main charecter koushirou, i was hanging around dalaran late at night running round the greater learning book places waiting for spawns when i got a whisper inviteing me to raid ironforge.

naturally as takeing down the alliance leaders had been on my to do list since i started playing WoW i was greatly interested so i jioned the almost full raid and set off for Ironforge.
after explaining everyones position and marking the people who knew the way we all charged directly into ironforge with the tanks in pole position.

with it being late night player resistance was little and whatever did show up got nailed hard by our player killing team, as part of our healer sect i was throwing heals around in my usual whack-a-mole fashion and before you know it BAM! down goes the king:

nice picture of me and some of the DPS standing by the throne (dident know which dwarf body was the kings :p)
of couse after that much excitement we soon found ourselfs chargeing straight to the deeprun tram in order to topple stormwind, making a small stop along the way to bitch slap the midget outside of the tram gates.
unfortunately some of our groups got stuck on the wrong side of the tunnel so we had to wait for them to get to Stormwind:
the mage to the right is sentient the tour operator nice enouth to show me around the aliance cities and all their hotspot (he was the raid leader ^^), after everyone got there we went and whooped SW kings arse unfortunately i forgot to take a picture of his death as it was rather packed insidethe palace and we had piles of bodies any of which could have been his.

happy about our kill we proceed to charge the SW docks in order to tag our last 2 objectives, of couse for that we needed a boat:
and so we hi-jacked a boat to aubergine and from aubergine:
we hi-jacked one to darnassus, after our long travel we start to charge into what can only be called a half abandoned city with neraly no one around, it was nearly no hassle at all to come up and slaughter our third major victim:down goes the night elf priestess :p, we were very deep into the night at this point and as such we were all tired but we still musterd enouth strenght to challenge our last traget, but before that it was another session of boat hi-jacking:
I'm pretty sure the aliance harbour hated us at this point, but either way we rode on to our final destination the fallen space ship exodar.
with the last valiant charge we enter the prophets room, this fight seemed to last longer then the others and as there were too many healers i was mostly DPSing at this point but after a long fight the old blueberry goes down:i think he's the corpse to the front left of the image but i can't be sure :p.

It was definately a very fun night, amuseingly the alliance dident even respond to the destruction as there were no counter raids for awhile after this, at the end of a long day i rode away on my brand new mount:
Good raid was good ^^

The Good and Bad of Outland

after a long while of leveling my mage i have finally reached outland, this brings with it some good and some bad things.

The good things are the faster leveling, better quests and better gear.
the bad things are stronger mobs and the gear.

Some of you may be wondering why i put gear down as both good and bad, well no matter what happens quest greens are still going to end up better then whatever i've got equiped right now but as most people know they horrbily destroy a avatars apperance.

Here is my mage after having just reached outland, nice in apperance with gear being mostly purple and green gloves:
Here is the same mage after replaceing a few pieces of equipment in outland:

This is something that only happens to people when they hit outland, until you reached 70 and got some instance blues you basically looked like a whore for most of the leveling process.
now the after image dosent look that bad now as the blue tunic and trousers (can you call them that?) match well together but keep in mind that i have more upgrades coming and if all goes well, it will be a purple tunic and bright green pants which will look nasty.

There realy isen't much you can do about it either except make a bomb for northrend as soon as possible as leveling greens there don't look too bad.

well thats about it for my mage problems (apart from stupid OP Douche Knights who take any chance they get to attack any player questing in their greens while wearing their Blue gear)

coming up next the Black Wear Bear achievement (For The Horde!) and my guided tour of alliance cities ^^

Thursday, 1 January 2009

Question of Choices

my current spec for Disc PvP healing is 54/17/0 my question is:

How important is Power Infusion and is skipping it a bad thing?

I know it can be used in PvE for mana efficency and to increase healing speed but is it a talent that has use's in PvP.

I'm asking because a lot of Disc builds i see seem to promote it's use greatly to the extent that they include it in Disciplines 4 P's (3 in my case) Pain Suppresion, Penance, Power Word: Shield and Power Infusion.

I also want to know if anyone actually reads this blog and if so why? ( i know one of the blogs on my roll linked back to me, thanks meg ^^)

I'll add my E-mail address to the blog so that people can actually try and contact me if they want to, be warned i check my mail about as often as i post updates :p

New Post, what new post?

In my continueing effort to delay posting new info i give you one month without posting ^^

Seriousley though a lot has happend since i last posted, i changed spec... again, incoming nerfbat for CoH, my PvP start, my new hatred for paladins (and i used to like them) and my everlasting hatred for rogues.

I'm currently saving honour for my Savage gladiator PvP set which judgeing from how fast i save up will be finished in april; farming honour has always been difficult for me and the price of honour items is nothing short of ridiculous especialy if i include non-set items aswell.

During my PvP experiance i learned several new things:

1, A normal Priest is often over looked where as a Shadow Priest is gunned down immediantly

2, Penance is the ultimate "Oh Shi-" button

3, Paladins and Rogues are OP... Very OP

4, Death Knights arent as offensively powerful as i thought

5, Most Death Knights are stupid enouth to carry the Ebon Blade's revered runeblade on them

6, It's more entertaining to spend 5 mins with a paladin in the middle of the enemy base without dying then it is to win the match

Whenever i played my Shadow Priest in PvP i was always almost instantly killed by every class and seemingly the number one target all the time, when i play my disc priest i'm overlooked until they realise that i'm the reason their target won't die.

A Druid Blog i read awhile ago makes more sense of this seemingly large virtual aggro by explaining that your targeted because of your unique apperance in his case they will always zerg the chicken because it's big, fat and ugly and in my case my shadow form is making them see me as a threat.

Penance's offensive capabilitys are a very nice tool when farming but the spell dosent truly become awesome until it is used to heal allies, it heals about as much as Greater Heal costs half the mana and casts almost twice as fast.

It also fully stacks grace on the target can crit a possible 3 times stacking a large Divine Aegis and only has a small window of opertuneity to stop it.
I've used this spell to heal an almost dead target to full health and when combined with the follow up PW:S it made them unkillable for about 5 seconds

My Biggest obsatcle in PvP so far is the massively OP paladins and rogues.
Rogues are well known to be able to stunlock an opponant to death but this has been taken to a rediculous level with any well geared rogue being able to kill me using only Cheap Shot and thats with my Shield up and if that dident kill me they just follow with kidney stone and then i'm completely screwed.

Paladins need a nerfbat to the face preferably a hard one that removes at least one of their CC abilities, too often have a been healing a target when a sudden Hammer of justice rains down on me like a sign from god telling me "your going to die", most paladins are capabale of killing me during the stun even with my shield up and unlike rogues their stun only lasts 7 seconds instead of 12.

No matter how good at PvP you are nothing short of a miracle will save you from a Hammer of Fuck and Avengeing Cheapness combo, in the worst scenario i've been in a had a paladin and a rogue keep me stunned for 15 seconds, this was when i made an atempt at a flag run in WSG and the only reason i survived long enouth to see the third stun was because i had prepared Pain Suppresion, Prayer of Mending, Renew and Power Word: Shield on myself before hand.

A lot of my hatred for DK died out now that i realise that offensively there not massively OP, most DK have problems killing me in anything less then 15 seconds, i can usualy survive long enouth for a freind to start beating on them.

Unfortunately though they are currently the most defensively OP class as they can withstand a lot of damage using their cooldown abilities and can come back as a ghoul even when you do kill them, i'd like to see what would happen if HoJ + AW met IBF + Bone Shield (odds are the pally would still win).

I have my own DK rolled and 1 level before Northrend content and as such have researched the class to understand their itemisation needs, which is why it annoys me when i see DK running round with the Ebon Blades Revered Rune Blade (i forget the name).

The runeblade has stats that are only marginally useful for a DK overall and is (or at least should) widely considered a Hunter Weapon (but then what isn't :p).

I had a lot of fun Healing a EotS game with a Paladin in my guild, we both hid inside the mage tower when there were around 5 alliance members outside, fortunately the came in small groups and i could manage healing myself and the paladin for around 5 mins before they sent in a big group to get us, it's quite amuseing when your death is only because you ran out of Mana not because your being completely overpowerd.

On the subject of the incoming Circle of Healing nerf i can only say it dosent bother me too much, i never used it a lot as it never realy healed as much as my other heals did, i accept that it has a lot of situational use's and i can usually be found spamming it when AoE based panic is happening.

Fortuneately unlike most people the majority of my AoE healing came from Prayer of healing instead of CoH as i never got into the habit of only using one spell for all my heals, although you could say that my respeccing to Disc is my responce to the nerf and that may be somewhat true as Disc healing is a hot topic among priests right now.

I estimate that maybe half of the current Holy Priest Bloggers will switch to Disc healing as the nerf will hit them like a sack of bricks and they will want to start fresh with a new rotation rather then accidently wipe because they keep hitting CoH when it's on cooldown.