Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Small steps to dungeon mastery

Yesterday i made the decision to spec holy as it's becomeing difficult to get into a group as DPS and as i have more gear for healing then DPS, it becomes more apparant when your healing to how well geared your tank is as i found myself running heroic Violet Hold with a very well geared death knight without too much problems.
i also ran utgarde pinnacle with a nicely geared paladin, i had a few problems in the oculas as the paladin tank for that diden't have a lot of defense rating and it realy shows.
If i'm casting greater heal more then once every pull in a normal instance then usually the tank is undergeared, where as if i'm not casting greater heal at all then the tank is over geared.

my current spec is 30/41/0 the reason for this is that i don't have enouth crit rating to make good use of Holy Concentration and Surge of Light, so i decided to make my spec baised on my strengths which is currently white stats.
I have a lot of stamina, intelect and spirit with a small amount of haste, i also have quite a lot of spell power.

My gear is still needing a lot of upgrading and i don't intend to start raiding naxx until i've at least got the Superior Acheivement.
my plans right now involve saving up moonshroud for my gloves and chest piece and running instances to grab as many other slots as possible.

I'm also 1 CoT: Strat run away from getting the my tailoring recipe and dungeon master acheivement.