Monday, 28 April 2008

Brick Wall

After failing to kill the curator on sunday it's come to my attention that the guild is undergeared, now i know this would be a problem before but the problem has realy set in now.
we can't DPS the flares fast enouth so we have started a gear race between the members, unfortunately some members seem to think that being in PvP gear will suffice but due to lack of Hit rating they will lose usefulness at bosses.

In order to combat my own lack of sufficent gear i will start running heroics as much as possible, if i can replace my neck piece and obtain enouth Badges to get my wand then i should be ok for a bit.

Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Future Scryings

Since i won my kara belt today and i bought my Scryer's bloodgem (+32 spell hit) i'm in serious mode on getting better gear, i could quite easily use a new wrist, boots and hand equipment.

My current plans are to make the battlecast hood, i got the recipe for it out of sheer luck and know that once it's been made it will last me for a long time (probably well into TK and SSC assumeing i make it that far).
i also am trying to obtain the last 3 blessing cards that i need, i'm keeping a hawks eye over the AH in an effort to get them for a reasonable price (the trinket darkmoon card: crusade should also lat me for a long time to come.
I desperately need a new wand and necklace given even the slight chance at an improvement over those 2 and i will jump on it.
one solution for the wand is to complete the HC shattered hand instance as there is an improved wand given out as a reward for a quest, however the odds of this happening are slim to none.
i'll probably have better luck with trying to get the wand from a drop in the botanica (i need to go there for quests too), where theres also a slim chance at getting the battlecast pants recipe (nothing like a complete set ^^).

Well either way i'll be busy for a bit, i also need to get enchanting up to 375 (currently at 371) but i can put that off for now.
Also no my ability to name blog posts will not get better any time soon same thing for my grammer.

Elaborate Consecration

I mentioned earlier that my guild was going totry an take down moroes today and well all i can realy see is we took him on. and left him face down while we were 5 floors above :D.

My guild has progressed geatly and despite being under geared and under experianced i can happily say i am pround of them, we went as far as curator and almost took him down before our time ran out (we wiped at 12% not bad for our first run ^^).
It's only a matter of time bfore we take him (opera event was romeo and juliet for those that want to know).

Still all things considered there is a lot of thanks needed to be spread around, our 2 tanks avenge and graf (remembered his name^^) of course graf got every tank drop from this run as avenge already had them which was a stagering 3 drops (+1 from attumen on the test run) which by the opera event we had all started making jokes about (seriousley though Gdz graf)
And a special thanks has to go to the 2 healers we borowed from the "village idiots" guild, realy and truely thank you guys we couldent have done it without you :D.

I managed to get away from the kara trip with 7 badges of justice and a shiny new belt (from moroes "" ^^)

Great run guys hope we do as well on the next reset (attunmen went down like a sack of bricks, some of us may have actually got out of that encounter better then we were when we started it (specialy chaz our hunter who won the Steelhawk Crossbow)

Tailoring 375!

News flash.
I finally finished upgradeing my tailoring skill to 375 ^^.
I feel this is i huge step forward compared to before and i am very happy about it.

Tuesday, 22 April 2008


Moroes encounter delayed due to lack of tanks, actually day tommorow.

n other news i got round to doing some nethertorm group quests, got some decent gold out of it and a new cape (it's an improvement only because my previous one was so bad).
i'm sure many people were annoyed by my semi constant general messages when looking for groups sorry to you people.
Also thanks greatly to the frost mage who helped me out (have to start remembering names) and the alliance members who helped us kill nebrudis (after 2 weeks on the sunwell isle meeting freindly alliance is a great pleasure)

Speaking of which the sunwell isle is absoultely crawling with ganking alliance bastards (most of which are rogues and druids), today one of my more annoying encounters was a gnome frost mage who made it on top of the ship he delayed me from starting my flight quests (dident manage to kill me).
Seriousley though anybody who does Shatered Sun dailys has long since known that you have to do them in PvP gear or else your takeing a huge risk, this is annoying for me as i have no decent PvP gear and have to make do with the Satin battlegear set (blue honered buys from various places).

As a small note i should mention that my hatred for druids is a very big passion of mine, they are the most obnoixes, annoying class in the game, i actually like rogues more (seriousley).
due to my passive nature i have a tendancy to leave the alliance alone unless provoked (except for that time where i attacked southshore, each side kept retaliating and it ended up with the horde attacking ironforge :p) but i may make an exception for druids in future.

well i'll post the moroes conclusion after it happens tomorow (with pic this time ^^)

Monday, 21 April 2008

Hit the ground running

Our guild entered karazhan for the first time today :D
I'm completely extactic about this, for a start this meansthat sooner or later i'll finally be running around with an epic'd out shadow priest ^^
Though that will probably be later because no caster DPS loot dropped.
This raid started out as a joke in the guild chat and then 15 mins later we took down attumen (forgot to take the picture but i'll post one up next time he goes down).
I accepted that this fight would be a learning curve for me with it being my first raid ( i died ;;).

Credit for this kill goes quite easily to avenge our super tank (his gear is better then ours), with an honourable mention going to the off tank for his great show at takeing on nightmare (he died too).

We've made all sorts of plans for future raid devolpment, included in the list is:

A DKP system
A Addons list
A teamspeak server

Well either way when we go to take on moroes tommorow we will be more confidnet and organised and i can quite happily say He's Going Down!

In unrelated news i've started to make new goals to become a brilliant Shadow Priest as it seems that my idea of raiding holy has flown out the window, which is just great because now i'm stuck with an unsuitable blog name (i still like it though).

The current list is as follows:

Obtain any kara gear possible.
Upgrade all items whenever possible
Become revered with the scryers ( the trinkets worth a 3rd of my spell hit + enchants)
Collect Blessings card set ( i have 4 of them already, might be getting a 5th tommorow)
Save up badges to obtain new badge gear

This next week is going to be very fun, and since kara resets on wensday i'll get another chance to obtain some good loot (currently hopeing moroes drops the mongoose enchant, although i have got a lot of competition for it)

I'll post an update on how the moroes battle went tommorow. ^

Friday, 18 April 2008

New Guild and New PvP Start

Well i'm in a good mood, i just jioned a new guild called "gentleman of leisure" and with some of my guildies i ran TK Botanica and then Mech in a row.
With no wipes and some nice drops (i'm now a decently geared shadow priest) i've had a very good day.
I would like to appologise to the members of the party for my bad internet connection during the runs, turns out there was an IP clash or something like that (at one point my ping was over 9000!!!)

In other news i got round to getting some proper pvp gear and decided to start off small by buying the Satin Blue Honour'd gear from the various places, still need the satin mantle because i wasent honour'd with shat'ar yet but another run in TK should solve that problem.
Eventually i'll start buying the vindicator stuff from PvP vendors but it's going to take a long time.

Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Good news Everyone

Realy happy right now thanks to a small acheivement, it's easier to explain with a picture so:


With this latest acheivement under my belt it's time to challenge tempest keep although i'll save that for later since i'm now broke

Thursday, 10 April 2008

The Thin Line

I've learned a lot about the differance in skill between players and class's during 2 runs through The Dark Portal (BM).

*rant warning (yay first rant ^^)*

During the first run the team was composed of:
Paladin Tank
Rogue DPS
Warlock DPS
Mage DPS
Priest Healer

The run went quite well, the mage pulled aggro a bit too much while clearing all the excess monsters lying around (before we started the event) but calmed down afterwards.
The rogue was able to keep the hard hitting dragons from nailing the tank and the tank was able to hold his aggro, the warlock also knew what he was doing.

The problem occured just before the last boss, i was out of mana and the tank ran straight at the final boss, his death was quite quick, we were waiting for him to corpse run when disaster struck, someone aggroed the boss and pulled him within range of the rest of the party.
We wiped and although we made a mad dash to get back inside before the shield went down we got there a second too late.

The party then disbanded because the rogue and mage had to leave, so the 3 that were remaining (Me, the tank and the warlock) got 2 new people to come and have another go with.
Enter the Hunter and Another warlock, we all charged into the instance ready to take it down but well it went realy bad, we wiped on the second portal resulting in the party disbanding.

What went wrong?
Well in my opinion the hunter was to blame, said hunter decided that instead of attacking one target he would instead pull an add off the tank and try to take it with his pet.
needless to say the hunter get badly nailed because i did not heal him, you may turn round and say that i should have healed him and if i was a holy priest i would have accepted your point but i wasent.

I was healing the run in shadow spec with my holy gear on, and considering that i made it through the first run all the way to the last boss i would presume that i was doing well.
I priest can still heal a normal instance in there level range without being holy spec, however due to the decreased efficency of not being in holy spec they can only heal one target without going OOM in less then a minute.

So as an overall lesson from this run i'd like to say that priests or any other healer for that matter are not all Babysitter Spec, if you pull aggro off the tank then deal with it, we can only afford to keep the tank alive (unless we're in a raid and are on raid healing duty).

*scrolls up* well that was a long post

Very busy lately

I've been very busy as of late due to real life issues ECT, either way i probably should have posted earlier.
i have a lot of things planed over april, i need to:

Gear my priest (both shadow and holy specs)
Download new anime (spring season just started)
and watch old anime (i have a huge back log)

i expect to be posting more frequantly now that my PC is up and running and now that i have remember'd my blogger password (forgot it for a bit).