Wednesday, 14 May 2008

The Shits hit the Fan

I'm relatively pissed right now as i was off my priest for 2 days while i played an alt and when i come back my guild disbands.
this annoys me greatly as the reason i was trying to gear so hard was becuase of my guild and now their gone.

Although this could also be good news, this may be a chance to jion a differant guild and finally advance further than karazhan.
The biggest issue with this is that i'm not geared enouth to jion a kara guild as most guilds running kara don't let you in unless your seriousley overgeared for it.
I was considering changeing my tailoring skill to Shadoweave and making the full set there, this will take sometime to make but will push me from slightly undergeared for kara to very overgeared.

Well either way i still need to find better gear from various sources, i've been advised to start running heroics.
Some of the things i'm looking to obtain include the epic gloves off of Kael in MGT and the eight of blessings.

Of course since i'm now leveling a new alt on a differant server in order to play with a friend this will probably not happen for a long time, my new alts called Haneko and she's a undead warlock on Eonar, i'm haveing a lot of fun especialy on the scarlet crusade where i can chain pull them until i run out of mana.
My basic thought line when playing her is "i'm sorry i can't hear you over the sound of how awesome i am" still leveling a undead charecter is surprisingly hard, most of the gear i get from missions is white and has no real stats on it meaning i need to make sure that my playing style is more professional.
A perticularly bad pull can result in a very quick death, especially if i accidently chain pull a son of arugal while leveling.

Well wish my warlock some luck, i intend to have her at 70 before WotLK ^^.

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