Saturday, 24 May 2008

Chain Fear Syndrome

Been awhile since i last posted but oh well, good news everyone i finally obtained my Eight of Blessings, this is a glorious day for me as i'll finally have a good DPS trinket.
All i ned now is timbals focusing crystal and my trinkets will be made of Win.

In other news i have been playing my warlock alt a bit more recently andi think it's reflecting on my mains playing style, while i did my daily quests today i found myself Dot Dot Fearing mobs to death, in a word Fun :D

Of course i've noticed the same problem with my paladin tank, i'd always let a mob run off and pull the next group for fun, the only way to get through BFD faster is with a 70.
I find it amusing and fun, when Fear is done right it looks awesome, but when it's done wrong oh boy is it done wrong.

I tried leveling a mage alt but i rememberd why i dident like them much, they have no defense especaily at low levels, if i accidently pull 2 mobs i'm in for a lot of trouble unlike my priest, paladin and warlock which can handle multiple mobs easily.
So my mage alt was short lived, oh well back to the warlock on my never ending grind to have a second charecter at 70 ^^.

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