Monday, 1 March 2010


I've recently been taking part in Gevlons Undergeared project by completeing raids in Blue gear, i've found that this is quite fun to pull off and i've been amused at how easy it's been going so far.
I've also been quite annoyed by the fact that most of the raids have been going smoother then when i was in guilds with a higher level of gear.

We have a solid group of skilled people filling the raid roles with me being the 3rd healer / off-DPS.
I'm feeling that my performance in these raids has varied a lot but find that i'm performing only average.

I'm never realy very confident in my skills and i think the constant switching of roles makes more of an impact on the meters, which probably creates an illusion that i'm doing worse then i am.

Hopefully doing these raids will help me fine tune my priest to be a multi-talented charecter with skills for both of my roles.

I'm currently re-itemising my gear for Disc spec as we have more raid healing between the resto druid and the shaman then is completely nessacery, me being holy on top of that is overkill.
This should allow me to spend more time on the tanks giving them better survival rates as well as some new raid buffs to help out with.

Of course the biggest plus for gevlon is that i'll no longer be saying "the tank just died" when i make a lucky save with Guardian Spirit (happens more often then i'm comfortable with), of course this time if i'm not on top of it the tank actually will die so we'll see how this goes.