Sunday, 4 May 2008

A small tanking experiance

I've spent a bit of time recently leveling up a new alt and had my first experiance tanking an instance in SFK.

Since this is a secret alt i will not be saying the name or class however i have thoughroughly enjoyed my experiance tanking, this opened up a new perspective on wow aswell.
I can now say how annoying it is to have some of the DPS pull the next group while others are drinking mana, although i found it quite easy to snatch aggro back off them (i read up on how to tank with my class before hand) it still bugs me greatly.
luckily for me i managed to grab the butchers slicer and the commanders shield which improved effiecently greatly thoughout the run, i was hoping that the rare mob would be there so i could grab the phantom armour which would have made half my equipment blues and wiould have lasted me for quite awhile.
overall there were few probelms during the run which made me quite pleased although i could definately have improved, i'll be attempting to run BFD next as i have missions there.

i'm intending to be full prot spec and level through instances, this may be hard and time consuming but should allow me to know what i'm doing when i finally hit 70.
i'm actually leveling this alt to OT for my guild, i will annonce this charecter on my blog and introduce her to my guild when she has hit 70, more posts like this may happen in the future enjoy :D.

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