Tuesday, 4 May 2010


Well it finally happend, dispite my dislike of the tauren race I decided i'd finally roll a decent druid alt and mess around with him.
I'm leveling as feral as i already have the gear for it left over from my rogue and i've been saveing the huge ass mace for this scenario too.
This means i get to have another shot at rage tanking with a more simplified toon although i think i'll avoid doing feral as DPS if i ever reach max level as the kitty rotation is realy confusing.
With this new toon running i'm now only one class off haveing at least started on all of them, i can't seem to get myself to play a shaman for whatever reason.

Well i'm bringing this up right now because i had my first feral tanking experiance today and it was surprisingly fun, although there's very little substance to it right now.
Currently i just run in and attack to get rage and then funel it into either swipe for large numbers or maul for small groups.
With the glyph of maul going i can keep 2 mobs on me quite easily as that skill hit's like a truck, thank you savage fury.

Well we'll see how far my little cow can go as i'm sure things can only get better for me as i grab more tanking talents.

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