Sunday, 9 May 2010

Alts, Mains and Role Complaints

I'm getting the urge to make another alt again, this time as a shaman as it's one of the few classes I havent played to death already, i'll probably make it on the same server as my priest as I can pool more resources over there and get the full hierloom experiance.

Of course i've been putting a lot of thought into which class i want to champion going into cataclysm as right now i'm in a position to chose which class i want to main going into the next expansion.
Despite being quite fun to play i'm finding the pure classes to be realy cumbersome to play, although the play styles for my rogue and mage can vary wildly depending on spec the ques to do instances on them is catastrophic.
When a hybrid class wants to get into a dungeon group faster they just have to switch to thier other role whereas a pure class dosent get that flexibility and considering that most people who play a hybrid class don't want to do their other role, it creates a huge que system where the pure classes are shunted because they don't have a skip the que button.

Although to be perfectly honest some of the hybrid "I only DPS lolol" people should probably stay away from their other role as they're barely competent at DPS (sometimes they can't even do that) and haveing those kind of people in the que as tanks and healers would spell disaster for the competant people who happen to get in with them.

Now I have tried to do some tanking and do have fun doing it at low levels but at a certain point the randoms that I get grouped with just start to get pushy and annoying, let's face it tanks get the smallest margin of error and being even slightly undergeared for anything leads to ridicule from the masses of incompetant fools out there, god help the level 80 tank who only has 30k health as he will not enjoy the company of the rest of the group despite the fact that when wrath was first released haveing 20k health was considered good.

So I relagate myself to Healing as my other role option as I quite enjoy it and it gives me many options and ways to play without ever changeing my spec, of course then i have to eat the compliants of any group that wipes in an encounter cause god knows it isent the retarded DPS's fault even when he dosent know the first thing about CC or Target Priority.
Sometimes I can even get stuck with tanks who don't even bother pulling stray mobs off me and still expect me to keep them, myself and the retardin whos attacking the wrong target at full health.

So no matter which role you play your going to screw yourself over at least some of the time if not most of the time when you enter the dungeon finder, so pick your poison and prepare for the worst.

PS: for those of you that still care i'm almost definately playing my priest as my main charecter in the next expansion, i'm more experianced with her and have her skills in all roles and specs polished brilliantly.

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