Saturday, 22 May 2010

At Deaths Door

As i'm sure you'll hear on gevlons blog sometime either monday or tuesday Undergeared has managed to claw it's way though to Deathbringer Saurfang by downing both Lady Deathwhisper and the Gunship Encounters.

Completeing these amazing feats in just blue gear is realy making me think at what is allowing us to get this far into high level territory with gear thats over a year old by now.
Although some people might claim it to be a great feat of skill and co-ordination i don't agree with that, maybe what we realy have over everyone else is just perseverance along with a little bit of invation.

For whatever reason i don't have a large ego or a great deal of self-confidence which i view as a personal advantage considering the alternative, the cynical side of me is somewhat worried that the only reason that i get to even come on such amazing expeditions is because i'm the only commonly appearing priest in the guild and they just need the buffs i bring (namely the improved stamina buff).

but even so i find that i can at the very least stick to the 2 aspects i mentioned above, i'm persistant in wanting to down the bosses and am willing to try even the little inovations that get brain stormed out of the rest of the group.
wether we will ever get to the lich king is a moot point, we're proving that even the hardest content in the game you can still make it though with just sheer perseverence.

A lot of what we do is baised completely on luck aswell, such as our atempts on saurfang tonight where 2 times we lost the fight to a very unlucky placement of the champions debuff, if one of those things lands on a DPS we can just let them die off and brute force our way though but when it happens to land on a healer to which we only have 2 of then we enevitably wipe due to not being able to heal the tanks though it.
We'll win the fight next week when we finally hit the lucky number and the debuff lands on the units that can effectively cleanse it, which makes things far easiser.

Wether we'll make it any further into ICC after this is still unclear especialy when some of the hardest fights in the place are the trash mobs but either way i'll still have a lot of fun dealing with it when the time comes and i hope the rest the guild will enjoy it just as much.

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