Thursday, 13 May 2010

Chakra Co-ordination

I'm sure anybody whos been keeping up to date with the cataclysm changes knows about the holy priests new defineing talent called chakra thats being added into the game, I figured it would be a good time to clarify my thoughs on it.

I've seen some bloggers being very cautious about this talent and with good reason as we may end up being balanced around it for the most part but i realy like the idea of a gear changeing talent.

Holys greatest strength has always been the ability to do pretty much all healing styles very well, if you want to HoT healing like a druid simply grab the renew talents and mental agility and start spamming them hots, if you want to take a more direct approach to healing then you can simply grab divine fury and serendipity and use flash and greater heal as your go to spells and if you want to pile on the AoE like a mad man then you grab the Circle and Prayer of healing talents and go wild.

I can envision chakra working as a way to shift gears between the 3 aforementioned healing styles, when your raid healing then spamming HoTs around will cause you to enter HoT mode where your renews become considerable improved and you can then stick to this mode of healing while ever the fight is going well.
Suddenly however the raid starts taking huge damage so you wind up a few prayer / circle of healing to get things sorted and as soon as you reach 3 casts you enter AoE healing mode (or the oh shit healing mode as it will probably only be used when the raids damage is in dire striaghts) bam your now an AoE healing machine and you should be able to stabilise the situation like that before switching back to the previous gear.
Or perhaps the tank suddenly starts getting heavily thrashed about and you need to focus heals on them, so you start throwing Greater heals out to keep him up and again bam things get kicked up a notch and suddenly your throwing out the raw healing power to keep the tank going.

The problem with the sheer level of versitility that a holy priest has is that if they were too good at everything then the other healing classes would get shunned to make more room for the wonder priests, so the idea behind chakra is that our healing styles will be a little less then the specialist healers out there at first then once we reach 3 casts we catch up and reach to an on par level of capability.

When we enter renew mode we can go toe to toe with the resto druid HoT masters, when we enter AoE mode we can go toe to toe with the shamans raid healing, when we enter Single healing mode we can then go toe to toe with the paladins tank healing capabilitys.

The three other healing classes don't get to choose their speciality so they will always be realy good at what they do and reasonable good at everything else whereas we get to occupy the unique position to jump between whichever mode we choose at the cost of a small ramp up time, this will allow us to fill in the gaps in raiding enviroments, if the raid needs stability gogo renew spam, if the raids getting hit hard then AoE kicks off and if the tank needs looking after then bring out the big heals.

In conclusion i'm hoping that chakra will end up being a talent that allows a priest to diversitise his healing capabilities and focus on his own play style while at the same time allowing him to fill in any gaps that enevitably open up in the middle of battle chaos, wether it will only time will tell but either way this talent will make priest healing interesting.

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