Friday, 14 May 2010

Facing Ones Elementality

My mage has recently turned quite curious as far as talent specs go, i seem to have recently lost whatever made me a good arcane mage or maybe i never had it in the first place.
Either way i'm finding that i do the least amount of Damage as arcane compared to the elemental counter parts, in some cases i'm doing more damage as Frost then I am as Fire.

So currently i'm wracking my brian trying to find out whats making my mage tick in such a way, my frost damage on festurgut today was 5.1k DPS while I was only doing 4.3k as fire and i've realy got to wonder whats causeing such unusual Damage performance.
My arcane damage is down in the bucket too, i can't seem to keep very high figures of damage using it as I used to.

Of course i'm normally running with fire these days as setting up Living Bombs and Firestarter combos to go off together is a lot of fun.
But i've realy got to start wondering if it would be best for me to go frost for the remainder of my wrath career, if none of the other people bring replinishment then i'll have to start using Frost more often as there is not much differance between the 2 for me.

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