Wednesday, 28 April 2010

I Play on Rotaion

Now that i've got a few 80s it's becoming a habbit to play them all in a rotation so that I can gear them all up equaly.
This is causeing me a bit of annoyance as without focusing on one charecter I'm not getting a good enouth level of gear to enter places like ICC.
Of course the biggest issue here is mostly the elitist attitude on my server which makes it impossible to get into a PuG unless you've got the kingslayer title, I wish I was joking about that too but I'm realy not.
I'm even haveing problems getting into places like TotC-10 without haveing a Gearscore of 5.4k, It seems I may have to just transfer to a server with more mature players as it's rediculous trying to get into a PuG on my server.

My Mage is the best geared of my charecters at 5.2k but she can't run any PuGs because nobody needs mages for places like VoA and as i said before guilds / PuGs have higher standards on my server.

My Rogue is at 5k with the only heroic upgrade being from HoR (Yeah i'm not getting that sword), which again is too low for any PuGs and the guild i managed to get her in seems to have fallen though.

My Priest on the other hand is at 4.9k and is off the main server as she's running with Gevlons Undergeared Project but is probably my best bet to do any raiding whatsoever but even then I don't have the achievements to get into groups with her.

Well sorry for making a post about me complianing but it's getting realy frustrating not being able to do anything, maybe I'll have better luck when i gear my Priest up a bit more.

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