Monday, 13 October 2008


I decided i'd do my regular download session today and foud a huge back log of stuff i need to download, i left it waytoo long during season changes and now it looks like i'll have to spend a day or 2 cathing up.

well i've been planing a music download session aswell as i want to update my libary (i've got a bigger hard drive now so i can have a lo more musicon it :p), it'll take awhile for me to find the time for this though i'll get round to it at some point.

Hopefully wesday will see the release of patch 3.0.2 on WoW, i'l finall be able to start my inscription leveling and i'll be changeing my mages spec from frost to arcane (with 5 points in fire for faster fireballs).
on my main i'll mostly be organising my stuff and teting out te new changes to my class, it should be a very fun week.

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