Friday, 10 October 2008

New Rotation Ideas

With the changes to priest racials and shadow tree talents i will have to take a good look at my current cast rotation and figure out how to improve my DPS.

Thanks to Pain and Suffering i no longer have to keep casting Shadow Word: Pain, which is a pain in the ass to refresh as it's very expensive this also allows us to keep misery up indefinately which gives us a good amount of damage as well as a spell hit bonus.

Vampiric touch needs to be up at all times so that replenishment can be used, mind blast should be used whenever the cooldown is over so that replenish can be refreshed regularly.

Devouring Plague is another DoT to our arsenal which i can use liberaly but should be careful with as even with the mana cost lowered it's still more expensive then SW:P, because DP heals you for the damage it does it has good synergy with Shadow Word: Death which should be used very cautiously as a badly timed SW:D can easily kill you (Prince's Feeble being the biggest case of bad timing for me) especial now that our crits do twice as much damage.

Vampiric Embrace should see more use now that we have more threat mitagation from shadow form, however this spell should be used cautiously as it can generate a lot of aggro very quickly and we don't have a real aggro drop.

And last but not least Mind Flay which is easily our most mana efficent spell and now that it can crit it's become considerably more dangerous i use this spell between Mind Blast cooldowns and should cast it at least once every 20 seconds or so in order to refresh SW:P (shouldent be a problem :p)

So my basic cast rotation should look like this:

VT > SW:P (once only) > MB > MF

With DP, SW:D and VE being weaved in as i see fit

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