Friday, 10 October 2008

Priest Racial Changes

WoW beta gives a lot of good chances to express opinions, whether they be choice discussions on how to play the new class designs or random QQ.
As most priests already know there are changes to the priests racials where as all race specific priests spells have been stripped down to the most useful ones and spread amoungest everyone.

All Priests can now use:

Devouring Plague - a DoT spell that heals us for a percentage of the damage done, Previously Undead Only

Hymn of Hope - a channeled spell that restores a percentage of mana to all party members - Previously called Symbol of Hope and was Draenai only

Desperate Prayer - an instant cast self heal, now a 11 point talent in the holy tree replaceing holy nova (now a base line skill) previously a Human and Dwarf skill

All other race spells have been dropped meaning my Blood Elf Priest loses:

Consume Magic - consumes a random priest buff and restores a small amount of mana, i never used this spell anyway the mana restored was too little to compensate for losing a good buff

Touch of Weakness - a Meager spell at best but i used this a lot as a little help against mobs, the biggest reason that i'll miss this spell is because it sometimes proc'd blackout which was hilarious when a rogue trys to gank me and gets stunned :p

Overall i think the trade off is well met and i will make far better use of the new spells then the old ones (except hymn of hope as it's a holy spell that dosent give as much mana as it's previous carnation).

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