Thursday, 10 April 2008

The Thin Line

I've learned a lot about the differance in skill between players and class's during 2 runs through The Dark Portal (BM).

*rant warning (yay first rant ^^)*

During the first run the team was composed of:
Paladin Tank
Rogue DPS
Warlock DPS
Mage DPS
Priest Healer

The run went quite well, the mage pulled aggro a bit too much while clearing all the excess monsters lying around (before we started the event) but calmed down afterwards.
The rogue was able to keep the hard hitting dragons from nailing the tank and the tank was able to hold his aggro, the warlock also knew what he was doing.

The problem occured just before the last boss, i was out of mana and the tank ran straight at the final boss, his death was quite quick, we were waiting for him to corpse run when disaster struck, someone aggroed the boss and pulled him within range of the rest of the party.
We wiped and although we made a mad dash to get back inside before the shield went down we got there a second too late.

The party then disbanded because the rogue and mage had to leave, so the 3 that were remaining (Me, the tank and the warlock) got 2 new people to come and have another go with.
Enter the Hunter and Another warlock, we all charged into the instance ready to take it down but well it went realy bad, we wiped on the second portal resulting in the party disbanding.

What went wrong?
Well in my opinion the hunter was to blame, said hunter decided that instead of attacking one target he would instead pull an add off the tank and try to take it with his pet.
needless to say the hunter get badly nailed because i did not heal him, you may turn round and say that i should have healed him and if i was a holy priest i would have accepted your point but i wasent.

I was healing the run in shadow spec with my holy gear on, and considering that i made it through the first run all the way to the last boss i would presume that i was doing well.
I priest can still heal a normal instance in there level range without being holy spec, however due to the decreased efficency of not being in holy spec they can only heal one target without going OOM in less then a minute.

So as an overall lesson from this run i'd like to say that priests or any other healer for that matter are not all Babysitter Spec, if you pull aggro off the tank then deal with it, we can only afford to keep the tank alive (unless we're in a raid and are on raid healing duty).

*scrolls up* well that was a long post

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