Tuesday, 22 April 2008


Moroes encounter delayed due to lack of tanks, actually day tommorow.

n other news i got round to doing some nethertorm group quests, got some decent gold out of it and a new cape (it's an improvement only because my previous one was so bad).
i'm sure many people were annoyed by my semi constant general messages when looking for groups sorry to you people.
Also thanks greatly to the frost mage who helped me out (have to start remembering names) and the alliance members who helped us kill nebrudis (after 2 weeks on the sunwell isle meeting freindly alliance is a great pleasure)

Speaking of which the sunwell isle is absoultely crawling with ganking alliance bastards (most of which are rogues and druids), today one of my more annoying encounters was a gnome frost mage who made it on top of the ship he delayed me from starting my flight quests (dident manage to kill me).
Seriousley though anybody who does Shatered Sun dailys has long since known that you have to do them in PvP gear or else your takeing a huge risk, this is annoying for me as i have no decent PvP gear and have to make do with the Satin battlegear set (blue honered buys from various places).

As a small note i should mention that my hatred for druids is a very big passion of mine, they are the most obnoixes, annoying class in the game, i actually like rogues more (seriousley).
due to my passive nature i have a tendancy to leave the alliance alone unless provoked (except for that time where i attacked southshore, each side kept retaliating and it ended up with the horde attacking ironforge :p) but i may make an exception for druids in future.

well i'll post the moroes conclusion after it happens tomorow (with pic this time ^^)

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