Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Future Scryings

Since i won my kara belt today and i bought my Scryer's bloodgem (+32 spell hit) i'm in serious mode on getting better gear, i could quite easily use a new wrist, boots and hand equipment.

My current plans are to make the battlecast hood, i got the recipe for it out of sheer luck and know that once it's been made it will last me for a long time (probably well into TK and SSC assumeing i make it that far).
i also am trying to obtain the last 3 blessing cards that i need, i'm keeping a hawks eye over the AH in an effort to get them for a reasonable price (the trinket darkmoon card: crusade should also lat me for a long time to come.
I desperately need a new wand and necklace given even the slight chance at an improvement over those 2 and i will jump on it.
one solution for the wand is to complete the HC shattered hand instance as there is an improved wand given out as a reward for a quest, however the odds of this happening are slim to none.
i'll probably have better luck with trying to get the wand from a drop in the botanica (i need to go there for quests too), where theres also a slim chance at getting the battlecast pants recipe (nothing like a complete set ^^).

Well either way i'll be busy for a bit, i also need to get enchanting up to 375 (currently at 371) but i can put that off for now.
Also no my ability to name blog posts will not get better any time soon same thing for my grammer.

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