Monday, 21 April 2008

Hit the ground running

Our guild entered karazhan for the first time today :D
I'm completely extactic about this, for a start this meansthat sooner or later i'll finally be running around with an epic'd out shadow priest ^^
Though that will probably be later because no caster DPS loot dropped.
This raid started out as a joke in the guild chat and then 15 mins later we took down attumen (forgot to take the picture but i'll post one up next time he goes down).
I accepted that this fight would be a learning curve for me with it being my first raid ( i died ;;).

Credit for this kill goes quite easily to avenge our super tank (his gear is better then ours), with an honourable mention going to the off tank for his great show at takeing on nightmare (he died too).

We've made all sorts of plans for future raid devolpment, included in the list is:

A DKP system
A Addons list
A teamspeak server

Well either way when we go to take on moroes tommorow we will be more confidnet and organised and i can quite happily say He's Going Down!

In unrelated news i've started to make new goals to become a brilliant Shadow Priest as it seems that my idea of raiding holy has flown out the window, which is just great because now i'm stuck with an unsuitable blog name (i still like it though).

The current list is as follows:

Obtain any kara gear possible.
Upgrade all items whenever possible
Become revered with the scryers ( the trinkets worth a 3rd of my spell hit + enchants)
Collect Blessings card set ( i have 4 of them already, might be getting a 5th tommorow)
Save up badges to obtain new badge gear

This next week is going to be very fun, and since kara resets on wensday i'll get another chance to obtain some good loot (currently hopeing moroes drops the mongoose enchant, although i have got a lot of competition for it)

I'll post an update on how the moroes battle went tommorow. ^

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