Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Elaborate Consecration

I mentioned earlier that my guild was going totry an take down moroes today and well all i can realy see is we took him on. and left him face down while we were 5 floors above :D.

My guild has progressed geatly and despite being under geared and under experianced i can happily say i am pround of them, we went as far as curator and almost took him down before our time ran out (we wiped at 12% not bad for our first run ^^).
It's only a matter of time bfore we take him (opera event was romeo and juliet for those that want to know).

Still all things considered there is a lot of thanks needed to be spread around, our 2 tanks avenge and graf (remembered his name^^) of course graf got every tank drop from this run as avenge already had them which was a stagering 3 drops (+1 from attumen on the test run) which by the opera event we had all started making jokes about (seriousley though Gdz graf)
And a special thanks has to go to the 2 healers we borowed from the "village idiots" guild, realy and truely thank you guys we couldent have done it without you :D.

I managed to get away from the kara trip with 7 badges of justice and a shiny new belt (from moroes "" ^^)

Great run guys hope we do as well on the next reset (attunmen went down like a sack of bricks, some of us may have actually got out of that encounter better then we were when we started it (specialy chaz our hunter who won the Steelhawk Crossbow)

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