Thursday, 1 January 2009

Question of Choices

my current spec for Disc PvP healing is 54/17/0 my question is:

How important is Power Infusion and is skipping it a bad thing?

I know it can be used in PvE for mana efficency and to increase healing speed but is it a talent that has use's in PvP.

I'm asking because a lot of Disc builds i see seem to promote it's use greatly to the extent that they include it in Disciplines 4 P's (3 in my case) Pain Suppresion, Penance, Power Word: Shield and Power Infusion.

I also want to know if anyone actually reads this blog and if so why? ( i know one of the blogs on my roll linked back to me, thanks meg ^^)

I'll add my E-mail address to the blog so that people can actually try and contact me if they want to, be warned i check my mail about as often as i post updates :p

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