Sunday, 18 January 2009

The Good and Bad of Outland

after a long while of leveling my mage i have finally reached outland, this brings with it some good and some bad things.

The good things are the faster leveling, better quests and better gear.
the bad things are stronger mobs and the gear.

Some of you may be wondering why i put gear down as both good and bad, well no matter what happens quest greens are still going to end up better then whatever i've got equiped right now but as most people know they horrbily destroy a avatars apperance.

Here is my mage after having just reached outland, nice in apperance with gear being mostly purple and green gloves:
Here is the same mage after replaceing a few pieces of equipment in outland:

This is something that only happens to people when they hit outland, until you reached 70 and got some instance blues you basically looked like a whore for most of the leveling process.
now the after image dosent look that bad now as the blue tunic and trousers (can you call them that?) match well together but keep in mind that i have more upgrades coming and if all goes well, it will be a purple tunic and bright green pants which will look nasty.

There realy isen't much you can do about it either except make a bomb for northrend as soon as possible as leveling greens there don't look too bad.

well thats about it for my mage problems (apart from stupid OP Douche Knights who take any chance they get to attack any player questing in their greens while wearing their Blue gear)

coming up next the Black Wear Bear achievement (For The Horde!) and my guided tour of alliance cities ^^

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