Sunday, 18 January 2009

For The Bear!... i mean Horde!

This event happend around a week or two ago on my main charecter koushirou, i was hanging around dalaran late at night running round the greater learning book places waiting for spawns when i got a whisper inviteing me to raid ironforge.

naturally as takeing down the alliance leaders had been on my to do list since i started playing WoW i was greatly interested so i jioned the almost full raid and set off for Ironforge.
after explaining everyones position and marking the people who knew the way we all charged directly into ironforge with the tanks in pole position.

with it being late night player resistance was little and whatever did show up got nailed hard by our player killing team, as part of our healer sect i was throwing heals around in my usual whack-a-mole fashion and before you know it BAM! down goes the king:

nice picture of me and some of the DPS standing by the throne (dident know which dwarf body was the kings :p)
of couse after that much excitement we soon found ourselfs chargeing straight to the deeprun tram in order to topple stormwind, making a small stop along the way to bitch slap the midget outside of the tram gates.
unfortunately some of our groups got stuck on the wrong side of the tunnel so we had to wait for them to get to Stormwind:
the mage to the right is sentient the tour operator nice enouth to show me around the aliance cities and all their hotspot (he was the raid leader ^^), after everyone got there we went and whooped SW kings arse unfortunately i forgot to take a picture of his death as it was rather packed insidethe palace and we had piles of bodies any of which could have been his.

happy about our kill we proceed to charge the SW docks in order to tag our last 2 objectives, of couse for that we needed a boat:
and so we hi-jacked a boat to aubergine and from aubergine:
we hi-jacked one to darnassus, after our long travel we start to charge into what can only be called a half abandoned city with neraly no one around, it was nearly no hassle at all to come up and slaughter our third major victim:down goes the night elf priestess :p, we were very deep into the night at this point and as such we were all tired but we still musterd enouth strenght to challenge our last traget, but before that it was another session of boat hi-jacking:
I'm pretty sure the aliance harbour hated us at this point, but either way we rode on to our final destination the fallen space ship exodar.
with the last valiant charge we enter the prophets room, this fight seemed to last longer then the others and as there were too many healers i was mostly DPSing at this point but after a long fight the old blueberry goes down:i think he's the corpse to the front left of the image but i can't be sure :p.

It was definately a very fun night, amuseingly the alliance dident even respond to the destruction as there were no counter raids for awhile after this, at the end of a long day i rode away on my brand new mount:
Good raid was good ^^