Monday, 5 July 2010

Playing with Styles

Something that i'm realy getting into after looking over the current beta talents for cataclysm is the enhanced ability to spec in a prefered style, i've even managed to chalk up a good level 80 talent build for an easy solo grinding spec with large healing capabilities for grouping with.

This has also got me thinking about how I may be able to change my play style in cata to suit me better, one of the things I'm thinking about is changeing my currently abandoned DK or maybe even refiting my warrior in order to create a "Dodge Tank" charecter.

This would involve haveing lower effective health with the trade off of outright avoiding most melee damage, I'd like to try it out with a Blood Tanking spec as I could then include a heavy emphasis on Parry in order to obtain some assemblance of magic avoidence though spell deflection.

I'm sure some people can remember back in TBC when night elf rogues could spec in a specific way and take advantage of specific charecter buffs and debuffs in order to obtain a 100% dodge chance which effectively allowed them to tank anything which did not cast spells (which included some of the highest level bosses in the game at the time).

I'd be interesting in createing such a charecter set up when cataclysm comes round just so I could see how it would play out, I'm sure they will be people who will complian that I have low health for a tank but It's experiments like this that make the game interesting.

I'm even contemplating taking the recuperation talents in the Combat tree for my rogue to use so that I can become far more self-sufficent then I am now, which should make soloing far more interesting and also reduce the need for me to carry potato bread with me everywhere I go.

So my plans for cataclysm is to have my Healers DPS, my DPS heal and my Tanks to dance (Imagine someone with a long sword dodgeing and parrying blows in a chain sequence, it makes me feel like the person would be sword dancing).

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