Thursday, 1 July 2010

A Handful of Side-grades

Everyone keeping track of the Undergeared project on Gevlons blog has seen my current level of performance on Festurgut on my Priest, I managed to pull 4.4k DPS as shadow which was better then the 4.1k I pulled on the 2 tries previous but I'm not proud of the performance as most of the gear I was using was my healing set.

Fortunately for me I can use most of my gear in a double dip scenario but if i want to perform better in future combat situations I need to gather some more items to create a more apropiate shadow set.

2 items I've managed to replace are the MP5 ring from occulus with the spirit ring from drak'tharon keep, now there are still better rings out there as spirit is only good for a pittance of spell power and a bit of regen, I'm still hoping to obtain the crit ring from Violet Hold or possible the haste rings from VH or UP as they would provide me with better itemisation for the set.

I also managed to replace my wand from the Argent Crusade MP5 wand with the Spirit wand from gundrak, this is a huge upgrade as the previous wand had no intelect on it and less spell power then the wand i've got now making the new one better for both healing and DPS.

Perhaps best of all is that I managed to obtain the Forge Ember from HOS which replaced my MP5/on use SP trinket from HOL, which although it lowers my burst damage it gives me a higher sustained damage and better itemisation for DPSing with, I may even find it an upgrade for healing with as it gives more crit for my Disc set and a spell power burst.

On top of that I replaced a lot of my gems with more suitable ones which should help me out a bit during future raids.

I Still have a few items that i would like which include the DPS trinket from Occu, the Crit belt from Gun'drak and Another blue helmet so I can get a better DPS meta gem which can come from either Occu or Strat.

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