Friday, 29 January 2010

Shadow after Dark

Recently i had my guild disband on me when some of the more hubris members took their E-peen competition too far and pissed off the modest players of the guild (some were rediculously perverse too, i feel sorry for the girl that was in the guild for 1 day and they wouldent let the fact drop).

When one of my friends left the guild i decided to leave aswell because there was no point sticking round without someone i know being there, i never quite got the full story of what happend but it seems almost all the healers in the guild left leaveing a large hole that would be impossible to fill (the healers there were awesome).

While this has been very disapointing for me it has given me a lot of time to play some of my more neglected charecters and as such i have been playing my priest and rogue a lot, getting back into shadow after so long has been realy fun for me as the last time i was a serious shadow priest was back in karazhan.

Playing a support DPS role has always been my prefered style, if i played DnD i'd be either a bard or an Abduration specialised wizard.
being a shadow priest opens up a lot of support opertunitys such as dispeling and abolishing diseases which i have as a reflex action with the help of decurseive.
Replinishment from Vampiric touch and the healing from Vampiric embrace gives healers more room for thought during fights.
I could even drop Shadowform and pinch heal for a short amount of time, i even have Inner focus and Divine Hymn on a macro together exactly for this purpose
The ability to shield yourself and even disperse can allow you to get though a lot of tight situations without taking too much damage or adding additional stress to your healers.
Thanks to 3.3 changes mindflay now keeps it's snare on the mobs which can help out a lot when kiting or controlling mobs

All in all the shadow priest is probably the best support class in the game right now (with the possible exceptions of a good Shaman or Paladin), the only major thorn in our side is the inability to do large bursts of damage but coupled with Vampiric Embrace that might make us too strong a support class.

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