Sunday, 31 January 2010

Hubris is my Nemesis

One of the tings that always pissed me off when i was in my guild was the massively overconfident people, they are ok if they keep their hubrism to themselfs but when they are the vocal majority of the guild then problems spring up.

There was always one guy who would always remind us how "easy" a progression fight was mid-raid and how pathetic we are at wiping on Faction Champions (on heroic), when the fights we were atempting were anything but easy.

I don't mind the encouraging types, as in the ones that say "that was unlucky we'll do it better next time", theres a big distinction between encouraging the raiding team and out right insulting them.

Perhaps the worst issue i had in the guild was that the hubristic people were also friends of the Guild Leader in real life so they had officer powers despite not keeping up with the responisbilities of them, we had maybe 1 or 2 good officers and everyone else there was just a hubristic ass.

The point of this post is:
"Don't be that asshole that belittles the raid groups effort by cliaming the fights are easier then they are and raging over how bad everyone else is"

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