Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Progress and Regress

After making the list in the previous post i'm hapy to announce that obtaining my flying mount wil be easier then i thought, my initial idea of training cost had me set to grind 2000 Gold.
It turns out that i had overestimated and it'll only take me 700 Gold to obain my flying mount (i bought the Epic mount training already).

I've also come across a perticular problem with my internet in the form of constantly being disconected from WoW on a regular baisis.
It's reached the stage where i am almost completely Feral about it as my last run of the Shadow Labarinth had me miss looting 2 bosses because i DC'd shortly before they where killed.
Luckily for me nothing droped that was of any use to me, although it is still annoying.

Hopefully some of these problems will be sloved when i get my new PC, this will also come with the added benefit of being able to get me through the shattah at more then 0.4 fps.

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