Monday, 24 March 2008

On farming and such

Well haveing reached 70 on my Priest around about 2 days ago i've now been thrown into end game content, currently i can only realy run normal instances as apparantly my gear is not imba enouth for heroic, this is partly to do with me tryng to get healing gear whle keeping my shadow spec for grinding.

well either way my to do list looks something like this:

Obtain primal mooncloth set (geting the belt on wensday)
attune myself for karazhan (i don't give a damn about 2.4 i still want kara attunement)
Obain Flying mount (i took enchanting)
Obtain Epic Mount (This is how much enchanting sets you back)

As you can see its not an incredibly hard list but it will still take some time to finish, luckily i can work towards my flying mount while grinding mats. ^^

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